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In the 19th century thousands of young women left Ireland to mainly English speaking lands. some returned but most made new lives but always remmembered their home lands and often their grand children now return to visit their grandmothers birth place
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There is an Island that floats in the sea off the northern coasts of the lands of Utlima Thule that appears and disappears
Named over the centuries as the land of the lost, the Isle of women, Hy Bassil,It has entered the yarns of seamen, Travelers tales, Public house fact, and stories for the followers of folk tales.
In the Worlds of the Accountant., the shop keeper, 
The Engineer, and the Natural Philosopher it has been banished., but despite the ream's of paper on the impossibility of its existence and the searches of the mechanical eyes and ears of the electric world it does exist.
True to one of its historical names it is the Isle of women, women who fly. The hold to their tradition dress a cone shaped hat and some form of flying stick
But as with all independent ladies the rest of their attire is governed by time and circumstance.
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Every organization, domestic, academic, manufactory 
or services civil, needs a Handyman.
They are the fixers, removers, builders, way makers 
and the one with the broom who makes all groups possible.
This print, part of my Fair Ladies Exhibition, celebrates this Hero.
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Edition 30
Printed by Keystone Editions 
Berlin, Germany
Under the Bogs of Ireland are Bronze Age field walls . These were built before the development of agriculture. At this time in Africa the area that we know as the Sahara Desert was a fertile savannah and herdsmen built similar walls to control their cattle.
The Ice Ages Wiped out all herbivores from Ireland and as there were no land bridges connecting Ireland to the continent  the Question is, How did cattle and herding 
come to the Island?
This print was made as part of a series illustrating this